Gerry Seidl

Hard, Vorarlberg, Austria,

Gerry Seidl is an Austrian drummer, multi-instrumentalist, studio musician and composer.

Gerry started to play with 4 years as a kitchen utensil drummer. At the age of eight he got his first real drumset. Two years later in 1975 he started his first band project – the Led Zeppelin coverband!

The first gigs followed, he played / drummed in various Band projects and started to play other instruments as well.

After years working as an autoditact, Gerry completed Workshops und Powerlessons in different academies with important docents like Jon Hiseman, Billy Cobham, Simon Philipps, Dave Weckl etc..

He played with different bands on countless live gigs. Some of these bands were opening acts for Joe Cocker, Toto and other international musicians.

Beside the band projects, he started to teach others in drums, bass and guitar and was engaged in some studio projects.

At the same time he was blessed and became a christian. 

One of his students was an excellent nice girl. They fall in love and got married. That was 30 years ago and they are still happy.

Gerry played in christian bands and gave workshops and concerts in different prisons in Spain, Poland, Austria and live gigs all over Europe. He was touring as supporting act in the US-Christian-scene e.g. Rez-Band – Glenn Kaiser, Larry Norman, Darell Mansfield etc.

In the early nineties the independent Musician got also engaged in social projects as a streetworker. He was taking care about Homeless, Drug-Addicts and aids/hiv sick people and founded the S.W.A.T. company.

Gerry Seidl works on Studioprojects at
Little America – Peter Wolf,
Endemol Germany for ZDF, RTL, Sat.1, Pro7, ORF,
Kurt Gehring Productions  for SRF, 3Sat, SWR, ServusTV, RTS, WarnerBros (CH), Little Big Beat Studios, etc.
and with  musicians like
Tommy Schobel (USA), Benni Bilgeri, Christoph Piazzi, Harald Kloser, Heli Luger, Klaus Bachmeier, Rolf Aberer, Stefan Reinthaler, Markus Dürst, Wolfgang Verocai (A), Herbert und Winnie Bucher (D), Bruno Bosnic, Danu Wisler (CH), Dave Thwaites, Kim Lindholm – Great Linfort Manor Studios (UK), Luca Genta (IT), Peter Buschauer (HU), Norbert Pletsch (PT), Piotr Checinski (PL) and many others.

Actual Collaborations with Tommy Schobel (L.A.), Klaus Bachmayer (A) et al. 

Gerry Seidl is listed as a member in the Austrian AKM (Authors, Composers and Music Publishers) and LSG (collecting society in the field of neighbouring rights for performing artists, audio-carrier, producers).