Ludwig Vistalite Amber

Ludwig Vistalite Amber,
John Bonham
16 x 26 Bass Drum 
16 x 18 Floor Tom
16 x 16 Floor Tom
14 x 10 Tom Tom

Snare Drums
6.5 x 14 Vistalite Tequila Sunrise
14 x 5 1970s Ludwig Supraphonic

15″ Mantra Hats Lenny Kravitz
17″ Xist Traditional Medium Crash
18″ Xist Traditional Medium Crash
20″ Xist Dry Dark Crash
22″ Xist Brilliant Raw Ride

Porter & Davies

TT6 Equipped Throne, 1,000W TT6 super-transducer

the ultimate „kick in the ass“  for every drummer 

made for bands such as The Who, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bob Dylan, Anthrax, Bastille, The Cult, Lamb of God, Sam Smith,  Papa Roach, Mariah Carey,  Slash, Rod Stewart and many more.

Agner Sticks

Best Drumsticks  ever!!

Signature Power Rock Hickory –
16,0 x 430 mm

Signation 5B Rock Hickory –
15.5 x 413 mm